Writing The Sim Racer

The idea for The Sim Racer was formed in July of 2020. Since then, there has been a lot of work and time put into getting things going. In August I started writing the script. Writing a feature length script isn't easy. I had wrote scripts for short films before but this was a new challenge. I started by outlining the movie scene by scene. Once I finished the outline and it made sense from beginning to end I started writing the dialogue. My initial idea was to just write a scriptment and have the actors do a lot of improv when we filmed, but it eventually after a lot of work it turned into a legit script.

I finished the rough draft in October which is around the same time I started talking to Roman Boylen who I eventually cast as Luke Wallace in the movie. I showed Roman the script to see if he had any ideas. He helped a lot with molding the script into what it turned out to be. I ended up rewriting the script 12 times. It's crazy looking back at how different the script is now vs the first version. There are new characters, different locations, scenes taken out, scenes added in, dialogue cut out, and there is still more that I could have changed before we filmed.

I let multiple people look at the script while I was writing it so I could get others opinions. Most people had positive things to say. The positive comments were mostly on the same things every time so I believed they were genuine. So that is a little bit about how the script was written. The next big thing was the casting process which was also new to me. I'll talk about that next time.

-Brock Drury

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